Tikvah's Jewish Parents Forum Presents:

Jewish Schools & Technology Summit

March 31st – April 1st  |  Midtown Manhattan

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Tikvah's Jewish Parents Forum Presents:

Jewish Schools & Technology Summit

March 31st – April 1st  |  Midtown Manhattan

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Helping Our Students Flourish

We are convening an intimate group on the front lines of Jewish education to address how schools can better protect students from the harms of social media and smartphones. Together, school leaders will collectively reassess and recraft technology policies in consultation with a team of experts in the fields of education, medicine, and psychology.

School leaders can expect off-the-record discussions and workshops with leading experts and practitioners in the fields of education, clinical/social psychology and change management.


This challenge is urgent

Each day, experts are sounding the alarm on the canon of harms caused by phone-saturated childhood, supercharged by social media platforms: depression and self-harm; behavioral addiction; social deprivation; attention fragmentation; learning loss; and relational aggression.


This is a transformative moment in Jewish education.

This summit presents the opportunity for us to get this right in our schools and the opportunity for Jewish educators to serve as exemplars; to demonstrate what it looks like to band together and take collective action in the service of protecting young people. In doing so, we can continue the Jewish tradition of being a true light unto the nations.


Who Can Attend

This summit meant for leadership teams of schools and we have a limited number of spots. To participate, your school must send a delegation of 2–4 school leaders. We are looking for schools that earnestly want to adopt new policies and will bring in key leaders poised to drive change. To that end, we would recommend the following personnel in addition to your head of school:

  • A school parent who serves on the board
  • Senior administrator
  • Lower-school principal
  • Middle-school principal
  • High School principal


The agenda at a glance

12:00 pm

Welcome Reception & Lunch

12:00 pm

Opening Sessions

6:00 pm

Concluding Session

*This schedule is subject to change
8:15 am


12:00 pm

Opening Sessions

  • Workshop: Formulating School Technology Policies
  • Workshop: Implementing Change in Schools
3:00 pm

Concluding Sessions

*This schedule is subject to change



Partner Institutions


Frequently Asked Questions

If I need to travel by air to the summit, when do you suggest I arrive?

Our welcome reception will begin at 12pm Sunday. We recommend you land at LGA, JFK or EWR no later than 10:45am.

Our head of school is unable to attend but would like our school to participate in this summit – can we still participate?

Our strong preference is for heads of schools to attend. If he or she is unable to make it, please be in touch with us directly and we can discuss alternative arrangements.

Is there a cost to participating in the summit?

There is no cost to participation in this summit.

Will Tikvah cover my travel expenses?

While we cannot cover full travel expenses, we will offer a stipend to school leaders planning to come in via air travel.

What are the expectations of those who attend the summit?

We are looking to convene schools that recognize the harms of recreational technology and that earnestly want to adopt new policies.

What is the attire of the summit?

Business attire.

My school has already implemented new tech policies in response to emerging data – is it still valuable for us to attend?

Yes – we plan to address a variety of issues around technology so there will likely be areas in which this summit can add value. Additionally, it is helpful for school leaders to learn from other leaders who have already implemented change.

What happens after the summit?

Following the summit, school leadership teams will convene virtually to discuss their experiences with implementing new policies in their schools.

Interested in attending?

March 31st – April 1st  |  Midtown Manhattan